5 Benefits of White Oak Flooring

There are many things to think about when you select flooring for your home, besides type, tone, and style. You could choose solid hardwood floors or a shade that matches your kitchen cabinets perfectly.

But that just narrows down your choices a bit.

It still doesn’t tell you what sort of wood species would be ideal for your family’s lifestyle.

Real hardwood flooring always makes an impression. It doesn’t matter what color, style or species of wood you go for.

And that’s where white oak comes in. White oak hardwood flooring is gorgeous and versatile, and really popular with a lot of folks interested in something a little different.

The natural beauty of the wood makes it an optimal choice, while the color – grey/brown undertone – sets it apart from red oak flooring, which has pink/red undertones.

Here are 5 benefits of getting White Oak Hardwood Flooring for Your Home:

1. It looks modern and contemporary with a smoother, more uniform texture, due to its growth rings packed more closely than in other hardwoods. The traditional looks of the red oak floors are absent here as the training is a lot smoother. For Floor restoration check out the website of Floor Sanding Auckland

2. Darker than maple or red oak, white oak wood has a cooler hue, with a bright creamy color palette that gives an instant upliftment to any room. It also has a gray shade that you can choose from. It also stains well and looks flawless.

3. If you want a long-lasting hardwood floor, get white oak flooring. It rates 1360 on the Janka or hardness score – red oak is 70 points less than white oak. This just means it is harder than a lot of popular floor choices out there like white ash and American walnut, and that it will bear the daily wear and tear better than these other options.

4. White oak is more water-resistant than other wood floors. This makes it perfect for your kitchen and dining room.

5. It is much more affordable than many other similar wood species.